Oral Diagnostics

Whether you are in our practice for the first time or have been our patient for several years, we will always perform a thorough and complete examination.

Caries diagnostics

  • Examination of your teeth for caries, injuries and abrasions and erosions
  • Medical assessment of existing fillings and prosthetics
  • Vitality check in case of deep cavities in order to diagnose lesions
  • Cavity status to help plan further treatment

Perodiontal diagnostics

  • When examining for periodontal disease, periodontal pockets will be measured and the loosening of the teeth determined
  • Diagnosis of inflamed gum tissues and exposed necks of teeth
  • Periodontal status to help plan further treatment

Oral cavity and mucous membranes

  • Thorough examination of oral cavity and mucous membranes for early detection of malignancies and infections

Jaw joint and muscular system

  • Examination of the flexibility of jaw joints with attention to anomalous sounds
  • Medical assessment of muscular system with regard to pain and tendency to cramp

Orthodontic problems and cosmetics

  • We also diagnose orthodontic problems that may lead to dysfunction or affect cosmetic aspects.

Diagnostic aids

  • To complete a dental status and a medical assessment of impacted wisdom teeth or of bone conditions, e.g. in case of parodontitis, an X-ray examination can be necessary. Often, this leads to the discovery of significant, previously undiagnosed problems. Early treatment in these cases can prevent further exacerbation. We always ensure a minimum exposure to radiation.
  • The intraoral camera enables us to examine places in your mouth that are normally difficult to reach. Furthermore it enables you to see your teeth as the dentist sees them and to become aware of problem zones.

Discussion of results

  • We place great value on evaluating and explaining your results understandably and in detail. We will answer all of your questions and develop an individual concept of treatment with you. We are glad to spend time informing you because we like cooperating with interested and well-informed patients.

This short overview does not include the whole range of possible treatments. We will be pleased to give you more detailed information in a personal consultation.
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